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Generating Funds for Regis Catholic Schools since 1976

Non Sibi Award & Night of Recognition

The Latin phrase "Non Sibi" means "not for one's self alone."  The Non Sibi Award, initiated in 1985, is given to one, "who has given outstanding service to Regis Catholic Schools either in the form of time, talent, and effort, or by financial contribution."

The 35th Annual Non Sibi Awards Dinner & Regis Catholic Schools Night of Recognition, celebrates the successes of the Regis Catholic Schools Foundation and Regis Catholic Schools.  Award recipients shared a common theme of “community” in their acceptance speeches.  Listed below are a few highlights from the evening.  We are Regis Proud! 

2023 Non Sibi Award Recipient &  Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee
Bill Uelmen (Former RHS Teacher, Principal & Coach, Retired Advancement Director)

“I learned what makes Regis unique is its people, the Regis community. The teachers, staff, parents, supporters of Catholic education (the donors), the parishes, and pastors."

In Advancement, it’s the donors! I can't thank them enough for their generous support of Regis Catholic Schools Foundation, whether it was a $25 gift or a $1.4 million gift (which we received from the June Harrington Estate). Every gift helps our schools.”

“I was proud of the projects that we were able to accomplish during my time as Advancement Director. Because of the support of our Regis community of donors, we were able to improve the facilities on the Regis Campus by renovating the restrooms, the auditorium, and the gym. We installed new lockers on the first floor and created the “field of dreams” with a new turf field, track, fencing, and resurfacing of the tennis courts.”

Non Sibi Award Recipient Bill Uelmen

2023 Regis High School Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee
Peggy Peelman-Vollstad  '93

“The foundation that the Regis community gave me through my grade school and high school years was truly the foundation that set me up for everything else that I’ve been blessed to do.”

“As a neuroscience clinician, I can tell you that these years, the years that the kids are immersed in the Regis community, are absolutely formative, and more impactful than any other decade of life.”

“I am still shocked myself, that around every new life challenge, every positive and difficult situation I face, I am still grounded in my foundational values that began here at Regis.”

The power and impact that a community, like Regis Catholic Schools, can, and has had, on individuals, the people they encounter, the people those people encounter, and in effect, the world, is a wonderful ripple."

2023 Regis High School Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee
Ryan Kostka '93

“If you would have told me 30 years ago that Regis would become a second family, I may have laughed. Today I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of this family and have my family a part of the Regis family.”

“I would have never thought that seeing your own kids wear the sports uniforms of your alma mater would make you so proud and filled with pride. Number 10 has become the number for baseball and softball. Number 32 for football. It was worn by a Kostka on the football field for 9 of the last 32 years at Regis and it has been worn by myself, Payton, and Chase at Camp Randall. That is a special way to end the season.”

“Thank you to Regis, my wife Charly, and my children for teaching me what faith and family mean.”

Hall of Fame Recipients 2023

(L to R: Peggy Peelman-Vollstad, Bill Uelmen, Ryan Kostka)

2023 Volunteer of the Year Award Recipient
Linda Schultz (Retired Regis Catholic Schools Teacher)

“I present to you a person whose life’s work was serving Christ and the Church as a teacher and on occasion an administrator for the Regis school system. Though she is technically retired, she continues in Catholic education. Linda can be found substitute teaching on a daily basis and works to mentor experienced and new teachers in our schools. She also currently holds positions on the Regis Commission and Curriculum Committee. She volunteers at the auction every year. She is an amazing person. She lives, breathes, and works tirelessly in her effort to support Regis.  She is a person who has left and will continue leaving an indelible mark on Regis.” - Paul Pedersen, RCS President   

Volunteer of the Year Linda Schultz

The relationships formed within the walls of Regis Catholic Schools create a vibrant, connected community outside of them. It may be impossible to measure the scope of our school’s influence, but it is seen over and over again, when alumni visit us, smiling and when we hear of their successes and contributions to society. 

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