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Generating Funds for Regis Catholic Schools since 1976

Foundation Scholarships

The Regis Catholic Schools Foundation, in partnership with our Catholic schools, help our supporters create scholarships for deserving students.

These funds can be restricted and the donor can establish the criteria for the scholarship.

To create a $500 yearly scholarship via the Regis Catholic Schools Foundation, we require at least $12,500 initally. The interest from this sum will consistently fund the $500 scholarship in perpetuity.
Additional a $25,000 donation would enable us to grant a $1,000 scholarship annually. As our funds increase and hit new milestones, the value of the scholarship will also increase.

The Regis Catholic Schools Foundation has many other established scholarships that you can support at lesser amounts.

Endowed Scholarships

* Indicates New in 2023/24
Bishop John Paul Class of 1951 Scholarship
Cairns Family Scholarship
Class of 1980 Scholarship
Class of 58' Scholarship *
Duane Hull Memorial Scholarship *
Earl Benning Memorial Scholarships
Edward A. Carlson 58' Scholarships
Emilio and Patricial Rinaldi Family Scholarships
Father Eugene Klink Memorial Scholarship
Father John Rossiter Memorial Scholarship
Francis & June Harrington Memorial Scholarship
Fred and Patricia Urmann Scholarship
Grace Walsh Scholarship
Jason Yarrington Memorial Scholarship
Jerome Miller Family SCholarship
John, Patricia, and Neil McElroy Memorial Scholarship
Karyn Ann Steines Memorial Scholarship *
Kevin Roach 93' Memorial Scholarship
Larry & Jenne McFarlae Scholarship
M. Colette Haut-Eissinger Memorial Scholarship
Mal Mosing Memorial Scholarship
Marie Steubing Memorial Scholarships
Mary K. Bissell Memorial Scholarship
Michael C. Longsdorf Memorial Scholarship *
Michale John Fedie Memorial Scholarship *
The Hrubesh Family Scholarship
Vinnie Lee Memorial Scholarship *

Annual Funded Scholarships

* Indicates plans to endow the scholarship
Al Corneiller Memorial Scholarship
Bob and Elsie Kappus Memorial Scholarship
Charles and Caroline Loechler Memorial Scholarship
Daniel & Marilyn Brey Family Scholarship *
Dr. Stephen Kurth Scholarships
Eau Claire Catholic Women's Club Scholarship
Father Daniel O'Reilly Memorial Scholarship
Father John Rossiter Scholarship
Frances Kurth Memorial Scholarship
Greg "Mouse" Bement Memorial Scholarship
George and Dereane Gobler Family Scholarship *
Joseph Janz 83' and James Janz Memorial Scholarship
Knights of Columbus - John F. Kennedy Council #1257 *
Judith Bye Henderson Memorial Scholarship *
Ky Anderson Memorial Foundation Scholarship
Lydia Hanson Rock Memorial Scholarship *
Michael Carroll 67' Memorial Scholarship
Mike and Patricia Carroll Memorial Scholarship
Regis Bridge Club Scholarship
Robert and Patricia Devney Memorial Scholarship

If you are interested in making a contribution to or starting a new scholarship fund, please contact our Advancement Office at (715) 830-2273, ext. 1407.

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