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Generating Funds for Regis Catholic Schools since 1976

Note From Chair

The Regis Catholic Schools Foundation is the major source for charitable gifts to Regis Catholic Schools. We are an independent, locally controlled board, who are able to match a donors wishes with our schools needs.

Every dollar given to Regis Catholic Schools Foundation goes directly to Regis Catholic Schools. With your continued generosity, Regis will continue to be strong, proud, and growing.

The Regis High School Foundation, Inc. was established in 1976 as a tax-exempt non-stock corporation formed to create a permanent fund, which upon investment and continued contributions is allowed to grow and produce annual income to be distributed to the Regis Cathlic Schools. Our new name, Regis Catholic Schools Foundation, completes the unification of our Catholic community.

Let me know if there is anything the Regis Catholic Schools Foundation can do to help you.

Mark Beckfield '75

Regis Catholic Schools Foundation

Support Regis Today, Make a Difference Tomorrow