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Generating Funds for Regis Catholic Schools since 1976

About Us

The Regis Catholic Schools Foundation is a tax-exempt non-stock corporation formed to create a permanent fund, which upon investment and continued contributions and bequests, is allowed to grow and produce annual income to be distributed to Regis Catholic Schools.

In 2010, we more closely partnered with Regis Catholic Schools and have formally changed our name from the Regis High School Foundation to the Regis Catholic Schools Foundation.

We are here to help ensure the viability, sustainability, and growth of Regis Catholic Schools for generations to come.

The Regis Catholic Schools Foundation has committed to step forward to take the lead in advancing the mission of our Catholic Schools. We realize that for Regis Catholic Schools to live Our Core Values, we must lead the effort to fully fund various system-wide Catholic school initiatives.

As we move forward, we realize the true success of our Catholic school system will depend on an investment of time and resources in implementing our strategic plan. The plan to help Regis Catholic Schools carry out its mission includes identifying and realizing “optimal enrollment”, enhancing annual giving initiatives, and major gifts and legacy gifts.

Support Regis Today, Make a Difference Tomorrow