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Generating Funds for Regis Catholic Schools

Tuition Partnership Program

We invite all of our current Regis Catholic Schools families to participate in the annual Tuition Partnership Program.

The Tuition Partnership Program is the annual giving program for our families who currently have children in our system.

The purpose of the Tuition Partnership Program is to inform and educate all Regis Catholic Schools families that the actual cost to educate a child is significantly more than the cost of tuition families are asked to pay.

Regis Catholic Schools relies on subsidies from  our supporting parishes and other third sources of revenue to make up the real cost difference. We ask that you reflect on your own financial situation and if possible, consider a tax deductible gift to the Tuition Partnership Program as a means to partner with Regis Catholic Schools in the cost of educating your child.

Charitable gifts made to the Tuition Partnership Program are considered unrestricted and will be used to enchance curriculum, materials, and programs for our students that we are unable to fund through other revenue sources.

Support Regis Today, Make a Difference Tomorrow